5 Genius Ways To Use Left-Over Wine

Leftover wine may sound like a fabulous idea for some us. But whether you just had a party or just cannot solider via full bottle solo, at some point you will be facing this problem: A partially used bottle is rattling around your kitchen and the clock is ticking on its drinkability. Anyway, here are five creative uses for leftover wine:

Ice cubs
Here is one way you can save your wine for future use. Pour leftover into an ice cube try and one frozen, move them to a container or freezer bag – they will be ready to go whenever required. Include them to white wine for fast cooling without the dilution of regular ice, or keep them for recipes that call for little volumes of wine.

Yes, leftover wine will change into vinegar if left of its own gadgets, but the finished outcome will be far from palatable. Anyway, it is possible to make extremely enjoyable vinegar from leftover wine by following an easy recipe – a best addition to the condiment cupboard of budding chefs and gastro fans.

Wine syrup
Use your leftover wine to make a delicious syrup that can be used on fresh fruit, ice cream, pancakes and whatever else your cravings command. You can even make it with individual flavourings, such as fresh ginger or vanilla bean. Kitchn has a simple three-step recipe that takes less than half an hour.

Grease remover
If have got a bottle of leftover white that is sensibly passed the point of use in any form or shape, it can still be put to best use as a grease strain remover.

Compost booster
It turns out that plants like a glass of the excellent stuff as much we do – in different format, definitely. Pouring red wine into your compost bin activates the best bacteria already present in combination, helping your garden and plants to grow.

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