Make The Perfect Date Night Dinner

Love is in the air, but so is the wonderful smell of these date night dinner dishes. If you’re over the go-to restaurant reservation and think a romantic date night at home does the trick, check out these ideas to make any weeknight dinner a romantic one. Candles are always a good start!

An Un-brie-lievable Starter

Date night dinner brie

Get your date night dinner started on the right foot with an appetizer of brie, almonds, and honey for your honey. Here’s how:


  1. Place a 7 oz wheel of brie in a small oven-proof baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 7 minutes.
  2. Remove and drizzle a ¼ cup honey on top. Sprinkle a ¼ cup sliced almonds, 1 tsp chopped thyme, and freshly cracked black pepper on top.
  3. Return to oven and bake another 7 minutes. Serve with a sliced baguette and crackers.

Surf Up Some Steak For Your Sweetie

date night dinner Bavette Steak and Shrimp

For the main event, start with our hall of fame recipe: Bavette Steak and Balsamic Burst Tomato Sauce. Steak is always a good start for any date night dinner, but why not go the extra mile? By adding two fully-cooked shrimp to this dish, you’ll be creating a surf & turf meal for the ages. What’s that? You want to take this to ANOTHER level? Add some freshly-torn basil for extra oomph.

Ice, Ice(cream), Baby

date night dinner Ice Cream Sandwich

Finish off your date night with this delicious concoction that combines two after-dinner favorites.

Bonus: Add our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to your next box and you’ll be half way there!


  1. Place a pint container of coffee-flavored ice cream at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  2. Spread 1 tsp Nutella on the smooth sides of four double chocolate cookies.
  3. Spread slightly softened ice cream two of the cookies and top with the remaining cookies. Use an offset spatula or butter knife to smooth out ice cream.
  4. Place on a parchment-line baking sheet in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before eating.

What are your go-to’s for a date night dinner at home? Snap pics of your favorites and send them to us on Instagram!

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Written by Lisa Yarde

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