Drink Floaters You can’t have a pool party without your floaters–liqueurs that float on the top of your drink! The Kitchen has 3 frozen cocktail floater ideas perfect for poolside sipping.

Were you aware that vanilla is your key ingredient in several of your favourite tiki drinks? By drifting a shot of amaretto on 19, why don’t you take your Pina Colada? It provides a nutty flavor to this cocktail. You are aware that it’s the perfect marriage of sour and sweet flavors if you needed a Cherry Lime Ricky. We have included a Margarita for a twist with this soda fountain favored and a liqueur floater.

Now you’ve got your favourite cocktail decorations to float! A strawberry’s flavor can not be overcome. By drifting chocolate liqueur we have captured this combo. When you attempt this one in your home (and you should!) , make sure you use a chocolate liqueur that is not cream-based.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Cherry Lime Ricky

 Pina Colada

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Written by Lisa Yarde

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