Empowering Smarter Recipes For Home Cooks Every Day

Krave Cuisine is a powerful and well curated content-driven digital food technology platform, focused on helping millions of people answer the daily question: “what to cook today?”

Through online, video and social media, the branded magazine connects with its Krave community, offering reviews and know-how tasty recipes. This 360-degree approach offers brands the chance to respond quickly to trends, exploit promotional opportunities and target new audiences.

At Krave Cuisine, we know that our dedicated audience returns daily because we have awesome content. Our specialty is integrating brands into the great user experiences we create across our sites and apps daily, with customized  content to drive awareness, purchase intent and brand lift.


Tap into our expertise and extend your brand message to connect with our highly engaged community throughout multiple touchpoints:

  • Editorial and co-branded content solutions
  • Social
  • Programmatic
  • Audience targeting
  • Shopper solutions
  • Targeted sampling
  • Newsstand exclusive bookazines
  • Custom research
  • Experiential
  • Cross-brand partnerships across the Jonas Magazines ecosystem including Portico Decor, Luxuori, Sommerlz, Therajon and more.